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SBS 2008 BPA DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address

When running Small Business Server 2008 Best Practices Analyzes, you can see that mysterious error.
DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP address

The host (A) resource record points to the incorrect IP address The record should point to

In the BPA reports it is denoted as Critical. The first strange thing is that two IP addresses become one: “address”, it is not a typo. What is the source of this error?
The most common cause of that critical alert is that we enable Routing and Remote Access on our SBS server. To verify that Open Routing and Remote access and verify that the first IP address, in this example “” is assigned to Internal Interface in Routing and Remote Access.

After above verification you have to options, the first one is to ignore that alert, the second is to run Small Business Server Best Practices Analyzer Scans when Routing and Remote Access is stopped. To stop Routing and Remote Access issue following command “net stop remoteaccess” to start it after the scan is done “net start remoteaccess”. If you prefer PowerShell instead of net stop and net start you can use Stop-Service and Start-Service cmdlets.

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SBS 2008 BPA DNS A resource record points to incorrect IP addres

The reason for the error is that you are probably scanning over a vpn connection. It's been bugged with Microsoft so hopefully they will fix it in the next def updates.